Second visit to the Center

My visit to the Center this time was really on my own.  Thursdays must be their busier days because they had all new workers except for the same guy that had helped me before.  When I first walked into the Center they had a lot of customers in the waiting room and it seemed to be a little chaotic so I just grabbed my leash and got out of their hair.

My tasks this week including walking dogs again.  My goal for each visit is to be with one dog for a half-hour at a time; I got to see three of them this week.  It’s so funny how deceiving these dogs are in their cages compared to how they act once they are out.  They seem innocent and scared in their cages, and once they are out they are dragging me along and keep jumping.  You cannot blame them though, I’m sure they have been begging for a moment like this all week.

I was mostly on my own today so it was hard to observe any leaderships behaviors at all.  I guess, right as I walked in I did notice a lady that did seem to be in charge.  She was talking to the customers and explaining how the product works and how to apply the medicine.  This was interesting because everyone seemed to pay attention to her and listen when she talked, that is why I am assuming she may be the manager of some sorts.

I did not really engage in any leadership behaviors this week.  I took the dogs out on my own and handled them on my own, so I engaged in more responsibility than leadership I would say.

I felt good about the days experience because I like dogs in the first place, so if I can give them a little happiness by taking them on walks or letting them run wild in the outdoor fences, I am more than happy to do so.  Everyday is interesting to me because each one of these dogs has their very own personalities and it’s always fun to spend an hour or two around them.