Maddie Walsh Profile Final

December 12th, 2012

A mile and a half into the cross-country race at the Galva-Holstein meet, Madison Walsh fell to the ground. She was having a seizure like episode. Later on she would be diagnosed with Conversion Disorder.

Conversion Disorder is a condition where the person had blindness, paralysis, or other neurological symptoms that cannot be explained by medical evaluation. “It feels like your whole body is shutting down. Sometimes I’ll lose control of my hands. My speech goes first and I can’t talk. I can’t let people know what’s going on as much as I want to tell them.

Maddie is a twenty-year-old sophomore at Morningside College. She is majoring in Religious Studies and Mass Communications. She is involved with the track and cross-country team, leads a bible study, and is interning at Sunnybrook Community Church. Maddie’s close friend Garret Ehlers said, “Maddie has an honest heart of gold. She is one of the most sincere people I will ever know. She cares more about those around her than herself. She is willing to sacrifice everything she has to help those around her, and do whatever it takes to complete their joy in Christ.”

It was only two years ago when the idea of college was almost nonexistent. Maddie’s entire senior year was spent looking for answers from doctors. At first she was misdiagnosed with Lime’s Disease. They treated her with Valium, which affected her short term and long term memory.
Valium made her so sick that she cannot remember parts of that year. “I spoke at graduation and I can’t remember some of the things I said.”

Maddie’s episodes got so bad that she had to end high school three and a half weeks early. She was beginning to lose hope that things might not go back to “normal.” “It almost scared me to think about getting better because I hadn’t known any better. I had just gotten used to making jokes all the time and being the weird sick girl.”

In the summer of 2011, she was constrained to a recliner by a window. The only time she would get up was when she had to use the restroom, and even then her dad would carry her. “Every morning I would wake up and look at the leaves. I was so scared that I wasn’t going to do what I wanted to do. Or if I was even going to go to college.”

It wasn’t until August at the Mayo clinic in Rochester, Minnesota when pieces of this puzzle were being placed together. Maddie was finally diagnosed with Conversion Disorder. For ten days she was given cognitive behavior therapy to help her learn how to fight these episodes. She was beginning to see the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel.

“The day we got back from Mayo that morning at 10:00, I asked my mom if we could go to college today.” She knew if she didn’t seize the opportunity she might never go. “It was probably too early. I mean I couldn’t even read the first day of class. But I was able to take twelve credits and simply hold on.”

Maddie still struggles with these episodes but has learned how to mentally fight them. Her faith has kept her sanity in this whole process. “I try to live like Jesus is coming back at any time. That’s just how I try and live. I definitely appreciate everything and try to have a good attitude because it definitely affects people. I realized the effect that people had on me and how my attitude could affect others.”

Maddie has now decided to take the next step in her life by applying at the New Tribes Bible Institute either in Wisconsin or Michigan. After graduation she will be entering the mission field through the school. She will be traveling to unreached tribes in other countries to spread the gospel and the word of God.

Maddie got knocked down, but she got up again. Nothing is going to keep her down.

Maddie and her sister Ellie at graduation in May 2011

News Comment #13

December 6th, 2012

Trying to Close Orphanages Where Many Aren’t Orphans at All

link here

Haiti is filled with many ‘orphans’. I put orphans in quotations because many of them technically aren’t orphans. Many of the children do have parents living, but because of the living conditions in Haiti, many parents cannot take care of their children. In response, sometimes children are dropped off at orphanages by their own parents.

This is newsworthy because it shows worldwide involvement. I have traveled to Haiti and seen how many children there actually. The nation is very uneducated on how to raise their children that an orphanage seems like the only logical answer. The men and women are poorly educated on topics like sex education so they do not understand the effects they have on their lives and their children’s lives.

News Comment #12 Extra Credit

December 6th, 2012

Families volunteer for annual event

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Every year at Midland University in Fremont, Ne Thanksgiving meals are delivered to those not able to cook their own. This requires many volunteers. The event is quite large and many people in the community of Fremont help out. They either pack the meals up at the college or deliver the meals.

I believe this is newsworthy because the event is so close to the community of Fremont. It has a history and people volunteer to help out other people. Also the event impacts many people’s lives.

Madison Walsh Lead

December 6th, 2012

Madison Walsh looks and acts like a normal college student. She is majoring is Mass Communication and Religious Studies. You would not know that over two years ago she was starting to suffer from conversion disorder.

Conversion disorder is a condition where the person has blindness, paralysis, or other nervous system symptoms that cannot be explained by medical evaluation.

I currently just have the lead, not the whole draft, I do have the interview done I just have to form it into an article

News Comment #13

November 29th, 2012

Photo of police officer giving boots to barefoot man warms hearts online

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This article shows a picture of a police officer giving a homeless man a pair of brand new boots. The police officer spent about $75 on a pair of shoes for this homeless man. I think this article is newsworthy because this happened in New York City, and in New York there are homeless people everywhere. Usually people just walk past those in need and don’t stop to help. People care about seeing random acts of kindness in the news. It isn’t possible for this policeman to help every homeless person, but to this one man that he helped it mattered.

News Comment Nov 15

November 15th, 2012

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When Smartphones Happen to Dumb Guys

This article shows some examples NOT to follow with a smartphone. It doesn’t have to be just Men, it can refer to anyone. This is news because it’s attracting to the public because most everyone these days has a smart phone. These are simple mistakes we all make. When you have a cell phone, don’t be dumb with it. You can think you’re going about your life easier, when really you’re making social interactions more difficult.

Story #3 Final

November 15th, 2012


Hello and good morning! Welcome to Coffee with Cassie.
The Morningside Men’s cross country team recently made history. For the first time, the Mustangs will be sending a men’s team to nationals. They did not automatically qualify in the conference meet on November 3rd. After patiently waiting all weekend, they heard the good news Monday morning! The raters gave them an at large bid.
Here is the men’s captain, Taylor Chapman
[Insert quote]
Super Senior Monte Larsen has some past experience at this meet.
[Insert quote]
They left yesterday and race on Saturday in Vancouver, Washington.

The women’s Cross Country team has also received national recognition. They did not qualify for the national meet, but they did receive the Buffalo Funds Five Star Champions of Character Team Award in the NAIA. The recipient is selected from a group of nominees by the Cross Country Coaches Association Executive Committee. It is awarded to teams that have displayed exemplary character and sportsmanship on the field, on campus, and in the community.
Here I have the women’s captain Tabitha Shepherd
[insert Quote]
The women finished their season at the conference meet on Saturday November 3rd.

Last night, RHA The (Residence Hall Association) hosted their annual cake decorating contest. Students gathered in teams to compete to see who could decorate the best cake. Instead of wasting cake, Morningside College gave them Styrofoam pieces to decorate and piece together like a cake. The winners received a gift basket or a cookie bouquet.
There was a lot of work put in to prepare for the event
President James La Pointe is here to comment
[insert quote]
Thanks James!
Well there’s your daily dose of Coffee with Cassie!
Join us tomorrow morning, same time, same place!

News Comment #10

November 9th, 2012

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I’m a sucker when it comes to celebrity news. I love being nosy and know what is going on in celebrity’s lives. There are plenty of Americans just like this who love staying updated on celebrity news.

This story about Brooke Burke-Charvet is touching to those who have a cancer connection. People watch her host television shows and feel that they know her and have a relationship with her.

Habit Science Article

November 1st, 2012

Jen Science Article

Most people think that the value of a habit is you don’t have to think about it. It frees up your brain to do other things. However it doesn’t free up your brain at all. There is a piece of your cortex that is devoted to that control.

A habit is wired so deeply in our brains that we perform them automatically. This allows you to do simple tasks every day without thinking about them. Like driving the same route to work.

Some habits are so ingrained in us that we keep doing them even though we’re not benefiting from them.
This information could helpful for helping people who suffer from disorders involving habitual behavior like OCD.

Next time you’re doing a habit, remember, your brain is actually hard at work.

News Comment #9

October 31st, 2012

Sandy’s mammoth wake: 46 dead, millions without power, transit

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The storm Sandy has made a huge impact on the northeast coast of the United States. Honestly I haven’t been watching any major news until this week so I didn’t even really learn about the storm until Monday.

This is news because of the interest in the United States. Also I think about all of the national buildings in that area of the country. President Obama has officially declared a major disaster in New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

This is also affecting larger businesses whose bases are in New York City.