News Comment #7

Title: Traffic stop yields record amount of marijuana

Lead: A traffic stop Monday night on Nebraska 92 resulted in what likely is the largest amount of marijuana ever confiscated in Saunders County.

I believe this a well-written article with a good lead. I do believe it is lacking in body text a little bit. It has information about the traffic stop.

This is what it says about the stop: “A deputy with the Saunders County Sheriff’s Office stopped a U-Haul truck for speeding just east of Wahoo. Deputies became suspicious that the truck’s occupants might be involved in criminal activity, Sheriff Kevin Stukenholtz said Wednesday.” I feel as if it is lacking in some information. It says that “deputies became suspicious that the truck’s occupants might be involved in criminal activity.” Why did they become suspicious? How they know to search the U-Haul? I feel as if not all questions were answered here.

I also feel it is lacking when they talk about how they used a K9 to help them indicate there was marijuana on the truck. The article never says if the K9 was riding along with the officer or if they had to call in backup and the back up brought the K9 unit with them.

The writed added a great quote from Sheriff Stukenholtz but never added a quote from the deputy that pulled over the vehicle. I would like to hear from the deputy that actually made the stop and “became suspicious” that there was something weird about the men in the U-Haul. A quote could have been a great chance to answer the question that I stated earlier. What made the deputy become suspicious of the passengers? With leaving that information out, it almost makes it seem like the officer was profiling in some sort of way, which I hope was not the case.

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Article #2 – Final Draft

Morningside Softball Hosts Youth Camp Every Sunday For Eight Weeks

In efforts to raise money to help costs of travel expenses, team gear, and other expenses throughout the year, the Morningside softball team hosts a youth camp every Sunday for eight weeks in a row.

The camp begins at 10am the last week of August and goes until mid October. It consists of ages six through high school age.

Participants sign up with their team or individually. If they sign up as an individual camper, they are placed on a team with others that are the same age.

Every weekend the Mustang softball team dedicates their time to teach the campers new skills and lessons. The camp is broken up into three different time slots. Each team plays a total of two time slots every Sunday. For the first thirty minutes, the Morningside softball team teaches a new skill to the girls. For the remaining time, they are able to scrimmage. This allows the campers to utilize their skills, while also receiving constructive criticism.

The Morningside softball team enjoys making connections with the athletes. Junior outfielder, Hallie Kokenge stated “Organizing this camp is a great opportunity to teach the younger generation the game that I love.” 

Coach J, head softball coach at Morningside University, also added, “It is great to see the turnout that we have every week, and it is a great chance for our girls to make connections with those who look up to them.” 

The cost of the camp is $45 per athlete, and they are provided with a free t-shirt. If interested in signing up, contact Coach J (555) 555-5555 or

Gushers description

Clumped together, sticky and full of childhood memories.

It reminds me of a summer day riding bikes around town with other kids from around. Looking for something adventurous to do and oftentimes finding something that we weren’t supposed to do.

After we get tired of riding around the town, we stop and get an ice cold water and a few packages of gushers. First we have to make trades on different colors – so we can all have our favorite color. For me I wanted to trade so I could get all blue gushers.

Then we scarf them down. The jelly like substance pops in our mouths as we bite into the gummies. The waters clench our thirst and the gushers get stuck in our teeth.

News Comment #6

Title: Sadie’s Treasure Chest opens in Wahoo

Lead: What started as a way to reduce boredom during the pandemic has turned into a brick-and-mortar business for a Yutan couple.

I think this lead is a very decent lead. It gives a little bit of insight but draws me into the story. It is a little bit of a mouth full but nothing too horrible.

I really like how the story is written. I believe the writer gave some very interesting facts and great insight on a lot of things. I feel like the interviewer asked Dave and Kristy all of the right questions.

For example the reasoning behind the name of store was even added into the story. Things like how they got started and oher little tidbits of information were included as well.

Definitely a cool story about something positive that happened during the pandemic.

Gonsler Interview

Morningside professor speaks to students about his experiences with crime before starting university’s criminal justice program.

First in public law enforcement, then a correctional officer, Professor John Gonsler has experienced it all.

Professor Gonsler started out in public law enforcement but came to realize it wasn’t his jam. Gonsler stated, “I didn’t like the politics and the corrupt system of cops.” He also talked about how dirty some of the cops were. “Not all were bad though, there were some good cops.” Gonsler added.

Soon after leaving the law enforcement, he became a correctional officer at a medium security prison in Indiana. Gonsler chuckled and said, “I worked in corrections for 6 months but could write a book.” Following with many stories of his time as a correctional officer.

One of the stories being about an inmate collecting dead birds. Several different prisoners came up to Gonsler complaining about the hot pot water tasting revolting. After assessing the situation Gonsler discovered that there were in fact dead birds in the hot pot. When Gonsler questioned who’s birds were in the hot pot, an inmate came forward. The inmate stated that “the birds fell on the floor so he needed to give them a bath.” Gonsler then checked the prisoners belongings and found a whole ‘family’ of dead birds.

Gonsler encountered many things dealing with crime that helped him transition into his next profession. Gonler was unsure of what he exactly wanted to do but had an idea of where he lacked interest.

This brought him to teaching.

After applying to 33 different schools, he felt as if Morningside University was where he was meant to be. Morningside peaked his interest because of starting their criminal justice program. Gonsler added “It wasn’t going to be a lot of sheriff’s department politics.” as he had previously experienced.

Professor John Gonsler’s favorite part is teaching the introduction class because the students seem the most eager to learn. Gonsler loves answering interesting questions that the new students may have.

Convo Sketch

My boyfriend and I woke up to the loud sounds of banging on the walls. Both of us wearing our pj’s, half asleep and not happy.

Workers have been sidding their house for a few weeks now with little to no progress.

We got up and went to my house. On the way to my house we had a conversation about how it is taking them an awfully long time to side the house. We wondered if they are getting paid by the hour or if they just don’t know what they’re doing. My boyfriend got up and went to his 8am and said he saw the guy by the door doing the same thing when we left at 9:30am.

We talked about how it is odd that they are doing this siding now when people are living in the house rather than when it was sitting empty in the summer. We also talked about how it was weird that they are putting plastic siding over nice wood siding. Couldn’t they have painted it and it would’ve been way cheaper?

News Comment #5

Title: Barry’s Bar and Grill to reopen under new ownership

Lead: After sitting dormant for over a year, a Lincoln staple has new ownership and a potential re-opening timeline.

This story caught my eye because of the title. Since I am from around Lincoln, I know that Barry’s Bar has been closed for awhile and always wondered if it was ever going to open back up.

I think this story has a very strong lead, making readers want to read more.

Where I think it is lacking, is the body text. All they said about it closing was that it closed over a year ago when the pandemic hit. Did it close because of the pandemic? Why did it sit dormant for so long when other restaurants and bars in Lincoln have been operating? These were some questions that would have been nice to have been answered in the story.

I like how this article touched on the new owner and a little backround information about him.

News Comment #4

Huskers have two All-Americans on the bench. How do they get back in starting lineup?

LEAD: It could be a sign of roster depth, unfortunate luck or perhaps an unexpected luxury, but Nebraska is likely the only program in the country with two All-Americans on its bench.

I chose this article because I thought it had a really catching title and lead. As a reader, it drew an interest to me.

The lead itself, is a good lead but is a little bit wordy.

The article is written very nicely with a lot of in depth information. It started out by talking about their All-Americans have been used in their Big10 play. Then it talked about their sub rotation and lastly it talked about how they have been doing in conference play this past week.

I think this is a really great article with a lot of information on Husker Volleyball and contains a nice lead. It also has a lot of great quotes from the head volleyball coach.

News Comment #3

Lavender beer earns Marto Brewing gold

This is an article about the local Sioux City brewing company called Marto.

The reason that this article caught my eye is because I have been to Marto before. I know that Marto has exceptional food and beverages and this is why I wanted to read the article.

I think this lead could have been a little bit stronger. It’s not a horrible lead but I do think it could have been better. If I had not have been to Marto before I probably would not have read it based off of the lead.

The story itself, is written very nicely. It gives some good insight about how the beer is brewed and the whole process. Something that the writer could add is a quote from someone that has drank the award-winning lavender beer and how it tastes. It would make the article more interesting and really give an idea about how good the beer actually is.

Overall, this is a well written article, with a strong enough lead.

One Good Conversation

Morningside University professor speaks up about trying times during the peak of COVID-19.

Teachers all around had to make adjustment when the Coronavirus hit. Professor Ross Fuglsang was one of them.

Fuglsang has been teaching for 25 years and stated this [COVID-19 year] was one of the hardest. “Spring was a totally new territory.” Fuglsang stated.

Going completely online meant recording lectures, videos and reporting to zoom classes.

Although an unfamiliar territory, Fuglsang felt as if the school had properly prepared the faculty. The school gave extra funds to teachers to make sure they had all of their classes planned out. They also had workshops and meetings along with the extra funds. Fuglsang said that “Faculty helped out other faculty and they even had sign-ups for people that had expertises in different areas and could help other teachers out.”

Fuglsang is excited to get back to the normal routines of college education. “It’s nice that students can sit in the same room and get to know each other.” he stated.

After an exhausting year last year, it feels as if this year is a lot more relaxed Fuglsang added.