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I can’t believe this. People can be so lame sometimes – I view yoga more as a lifestyle, not a religion. Sound off?

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So off I go, on my little adventure of the day. I am a student, training to be a Journalist, and not all training exercises are conventional if you know what I mean. My job was to go find a complete stranger, and ask them for pocket lint, and have an experience with them. For anyone who knows me, this is not hard. I worked at Buffalo wild wings for over a year, and have been through everything there: checks thrown at me, threats, spit, drinks dumped on me, and I’ve been called every name in the book. All by complete strangers. So there is nothing anyone can do that hasn’t already been done. So I went right to the business office, walked in, and went down the line of desks out front. On the third one, a little bespectacled lady, not much taller than 5ft looked at me nervously. I said “I need pocket lint Mam.” and she said “What? Pocket line, but why?” I said flat out that I was a journalist, and that I was going to take her lint, go back to my blog, and write a detailed account of my interaction with her. She seemed puzzled, but she forked over a tiny bit of lint, just a bit smaller than a dime, with shades of gray, purple and pink swirled in it. Smashed flat, I ran back to my classroom and presented my souvenir to my professor. Over all, it wasn’t a hard assignment, but I’ll never forget the look on Cyrstal Grigsby face when I asked her to stand up and empty her pockets for lint!!!!


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For Friday: THis is an interesting bit. Since 1994  these guys have been taking information on the sexual habits of Americans – what they find is pretty interesting. They have their sources, it is well written, and I love talking about sex – it shouldn’t be taboo. It is more human than humans – its the very instinct that keeps our species alive. Have a look!

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Thomas Ritchie, online for the Sioux City Journal, made a scheduled visit to Ross Fugslang’s fundamentals of Journalism Class on Wednesday, September 29th 2010. Needless to say, the aspiring journalists said their class time would have been better spent with their normal Mentor.

“He was very unprepared, and frankly kind of a nervous wreck” “He also said very awkward things and singled out students” says Allison Kusler, a sophomore at Morningside College. Senior Grace Horner flat out said she lost valuable facebooking time. Students in this class can’t say they were too impressed!

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Hopefully Ross is feeling charitable and still accepts this – considering all the nice things I will say on him, on his review at the end of this semester :-D!


This article is shocking for me, but it presents a larger problem. I know that the fat kid always gets singled out or whatever, but parents being mean to their obese kids? That is very shocking to me. Parents are half the reason their children are obese a lot of the time. Alot of the time it is a life style issue and they are responsible for what their kids eat, and what they do – if parents fed their kids better and encouraged them to be active maybe this problem wouldn’t exist…..they are the problem. Genetics can load the gun, but enviroment is what pulls the trigger. I give this article an A.

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An armed robbery took place last night at Bj’s Drug. The Owner, Barney Joseph Jr, was held at gun point by a man wearing a ski mask, while another took nearly 400 dollars from the register. According to local authorities, Joseph keeps a loaded pistol beneath the counter, but chose not to use it. Bj’s Drug was robbed 25 years earlier, while Joseph’s father, Barney Joseph Sr, was still the proprietor. Joseph Sr. resisted, and subsequently lost his life. Joseph Jr felt that because of this, it was unwise to reach for the gun. “Yes, Dad resisted I guess. Anyway, they found him shot to death, his own gun in his hand, and a bullet in the stores ceiling. I’d part with my money than my life”.

Joseph was not harmed during the robbery, which he said ended in less than a minute.

Suffolk Downs

At 4am this morning fire officials were called to a Barn fire, suspected to be arson. Although no people were harmed, 25 horses were stabled there. 15 died, and 10 escaped although seriously burned. Dan Bucci, the assistant general manager of the track stated “It could have been incendiary nature because it started in the middle of the barn, not at the end. The only heaters and electrical outlets were in the track rooms at the ends of the barn”.  Jim Connery, the fire chief adds that he feels the fire is suspicious as well “The fire exploded near the center of the barn. Flames were shooting out of the building when we got here. The fire is definitely suspicious.”

Albert Ramos, a jockey who boards his horse at the stable was also present. “That’s my best friends,” he said pointing to a surviving horse. “I love horses more than I do people. I feel like I want to cry”. Though no human lives were lost, it was a very emotional day for everyone involved, and all horses who lost their lives due to this fire will be deeply missed.

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This caught my interest, because of the word Unicorn. There is a little girl inside of me, and I totally admit it, but as I read on, and watched the clip that came with it – this is very relevant, and well written article. They told us exactly why off the bat: this little guy hasn’t been spotted in 10 years. He is going extinct unfortunately. I give this Article an A+ for environmental relevance – I hope we see him again, and next time they take much more caution with how they handle the next saola….

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Moyer quick was pronounced dead at the scene. The 65 year old man was killed in a collision with a truck driven by 17 year old Randy Radin, also of Sioux City. State Patrolman Randy Patrick reports that the accident took place when Quick attempted to pass Radin – but his rear-end struck Radin before completing the pass. The vehicles were then forced into the ditch, rolling Quick’s vehicle once.

There are three survivors: Dorothy Quick, Maxine Steurwald and Randy Radin. Steuerwald and Quick are said to be in stable condition. Radin however is in critical condition and reportedly has a fractured skull, and internal injuries. The accident is still under investigation, and weather did not appear to be a factor.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Courtney Brown

Fundamentals of Journalism

Dr. Ross Fuglsang


When a student walks in or out of the Learning Center, the first and last thing they smell is coffee. The first thing they hear is a grinding blender dishing out a smoothie, and a sweet blonde lady looks up and smiles. “Hello, Hello how are you today? Need to warm up?”  The lady is Nancy Boyle, manager of “The Spoon holder Café”, and her job is to keep us awake, long enough to do our homework here in the Learning Center.

The warm, home-like scent pervades the air, and helps create an intellectual ambience for the library. It is the mecca of the students, and if you listen closely, you can tell who stopped and had a visit with Nancy – and who didn’t. Those who didn’t make a pit stop can be found curled up and sleeping sweetly on the third floor, on the many chairs and bean bags – and those who did can be heard furiously clicking away at their laptops. The uses and resources at the Learning Center are endless, and it is the mecca of the students, however, the library isn’t all we once knew it to be. It has a rich and diverse history, starting way back in 1904.

Hickman-Johnson Furrow Learning Center was built in 1904. A little known fact about the Library is that it was originally the gymnasium, and the second floor was a basketball court, the third floor a suspended track. It wasn’t until the 50’s that the gymnasium was reinvented into a library, and it was the mid to late eighties before the second half was added. The Spoon Holder Cafe wasn’t actually added until the summer of 2005 – even though today we can’t imagine a single day without Nancy and her crew. The Spoon holder however is not the only addition to the library within the last twenty years. Other additions to the library include the Mass Communication department, as well as the Rhetoric department, the Student success program, as well as the tutoring staff. There is also a plethora of nonhuman resources here, ranging from books and online databases. Anything we could need, or imagine, is right here for us, with concerned staff to help us get there before Doc Heistad decides to not accept your paper because it’s past the due date.

Whether we need to wake up, or we want a quick nap without walking back to our dorm, the Learning Center is there for us. A center for both social and academic interaction, it is among one of the single most important buildings on campus. It is hard not to love the library especially if you spend four years here, falling asleep to the soft clicks, giggles, and blending sounds that come together, and somehow create a lullaby that can’t be sung or heard anywhere else in the U.S.

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Won’t lie, I’m not posting this because I am concerned.  I am posting this one, because I don’t think that this is news, and I don’t like the coverage on it. What could they have done betteR? Well, for one thing, not emphasized the fact that this was an athlete. People get into crashes all the time, why don’t they all get their own news cast? This got covered because this was an athlete, and that irritates the hell out of me. Even if the president got into a moped crash -that’s not news. The president banning abortion – now THAT’S news. I give this article a C for irrelevance.

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