Let the chaos begin!

So off I go, on my little adventure of the day. I am a student, training to be a Journalist, and not all training exercises are conventional if you know what I mean. My job was to go find a complete stranger, and ask them for pocket lint, and have an experience with them. For anyone who knows me, this is not hard. I worked at Buffalo wild wings for over a year, and have been through everything there: checks thrown at me, threats, spit, drinks dumped on me, and I’ve been called every name in the book. All by complete strangers. So there is nothing anyone can do that hasn’t already been done. So I went right to the business office, walked in, and went down the line of desks out front. On the third one, a little bespectacled lady, not much taller than 5ft looked at me nervously. I said “I need pocket lint Mam.” and she said “What? Pocket line, but why?” I said flat out that I was a journalist, and that I was going to take her lint, go back to my blog, and write a detailed account of my interaction with her. She seemed puzzled, but she forked over a tiny bit of lint, just a bit smaller than a dime, with shades of gray, purple and pink swirled in it. Smashed flat, I ran back to my classroom and presented my souvenir to my professor. Over all, it wasn’t a hard assignment, but I’ll never forget the look on Cyrstal Grigsby face when I asked her to stand up and empty her pockets for lint!!!!


October 4th, 2010 at 7:09 pm

2 Responses to “Pocket lint exercise!”
  1. 1
      crstaff says:

    I hope the scene wasn’t quite as much like a holdup as it sounds, Courtney. I like the description of the lint. Did Ms. Grigsby’s eyes get big?

  2. 2
      Courtney says:

    Hahahahaha! her eyes did get pretty big. but it was more like “ummm I need pocket lint?” I seemed more embarrassed of what I was asking for then anything.