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Hopefully Ross is feeling charitable and still accepts this – considering all the nice things I will say on him, on his review at the end of this semester :-D!


This article is shocking for me, but it presents a larger problem. I know that the fat kid always gets singled out or whatever, but parents being mean to their obese kids? That is very shocking to me. Parents are half the reason their children are obese a lot of the time. Alot of the time it is a life style issue and they are responsible for what their kids eat, and what they do – if parents fed their kids better and encouraged them to be active maybe this problem wouldn’t exist…..they are the problem. Genetics can load the gun, but enviroment is what pulls the trigger. I give this article an A.

September 25th, 2010 at 5:17 am

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      Fuglsang says:

    I’d say parents are more than half responsible. Not just genetics, but
    how and what kids eat is determined by parents.

    Timer says Saturday at 5 am. We could count this for the Oct. 2 writing.
    There will be chances to make up missed stuff later. I usually do an extra
    credit one on Fall break and Thanksgiving since we don’t have classes
    those friday.