Let the chaos begin!

Hey guys I’m back with my latest blog entry. This is my news event of the week: another oil spill. However, this one wasn’t from BP. It was from a locally owned energy provider, and not quite as destructive. However, there were 13 oil workers found in the water – only one was injured. I think that the article was well written, and included all the answers to the major necessary questions:

how much oil was spilled?

what was the cause?

was anyone injured?

is there an investigation taken place?

Who is involved?

As far as a cut and dry disaster coverage goes, this was a good article. A little bland for My taste – but I’m Courtney Brown – EVERYTHING is a little bit bland to me if it isn’t completely flamboyant. Take a look though – its got some interesting statistics.


-Courtney Brown-

September 2nd, 2010 at 6:55 pm

One Response to “Media Post of the week: For Friday.”
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      Fuglsang says:

    A good example of currency. For the next few months any occurrence related to oil wells and oil spills will be covered in depth. A year ago this story would have been on page 10 and television would have ignored it, unless there was a big fire and people burned.

    Have a good weekend, Courtney.