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I will be following Msnbc for the duration of the semester, which is obviously the source of this article.

The article is very relevant and Newsworthy, because we are all living here in Iowa. The article covers a large Egg recall – the chickens that laid the eggs were being fed chicken feed that tested positive for salmonella when the FDA visited said farms. As far as the article goes – it is very well written. The author asked all the relevant questions: which farms? which eggs? How can we protect ourselves? How was this found out? They also made an effort to speak with Food and Drug, and other health officials, as well as the people responsible for sending out the contaminated eggs. They also were sure to include what the involved parties were doing to try and correct the situation, so over all I give this article and A+. It is relevant to our safety as Iowans, important  news for our every day life, and well covered in all areas.

Courtney Brown-

August 27th, 2010 at 4:08 am

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      fuglsang says:

    You’re ahead of the game, Courtney.
    You will ant to change the name of your site, though.

  2. 2
      Courtney says:

    Thanks Ross!! 🙂

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      fuglsang says:

    One additional comment on the egg story: Do you think this is an example of the news media unnecessarily scaring people?

  4. 4
      Courtney says:

    Yes actually a little. It is an important issue, but its sensationalized, and is actually hurting the innocent chicken farmers. wonderful observation Ross.