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Contraceptives have gotten a bad rep especially among those who don’t fully understand the many benefits birth control has to offer, other than prevent pregnancies. The Affordable Care Act guaranteed women that they would be have access to the birth control of their choice regardless of their employers or insurers religious beliefs and now Trump is stepping changing that.

This ACA has helped thousands of women who otherwise wouldn’t be able to pay out of pocket for their contraceptive and has helped teen pregnancies reach an all-time low.

Now health care providers have the option to deny women access to contraceptives is it goes their personal beliefs. Because organizations with religious based objections were already being offered accommodations for their employees to receive coverage through other means, the change is not about religious freedom.

This action will put countless women including college students, teenagers, single mothers, poor women at risk for unplanned pregnancies, pregnancy related health issues, menstrual issues, etc.

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    If you are still working on this, Chelsea: Begin with third graf — the now. Save the past for the middle or end of the story.

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