9/26 Exercises

The last person I spoke to was a caucasian male with dirty blonde curly hair, that is lightly combed over to his left side, bright blue eyes with a small scar over his left eye and thick eyebrows. His cheeks are almost always rosy and his face is almost always shaven.

He is about 6’5 and around 245 lbs. with fairly muscular arms and very muscular legs. He was wearing a dark grey athletic short sleeve shirt, light grey jeans, and black Nike tennis shoes.

He gives off a rather friendly vibe even though he walks with a straight face.


Sensory Writing


Smell- fresh & sweet

Touch- cold, wet, & a little bumpy due to seeds

Sight- bright red, hundreds of little seed on the surface. The inside is smooth and wet with a hallow center

Sound- None

Taste- sweet, juicy, fresh

Chocolate Filled Waffle Straw:

Smell- kind of smells like a biscuit/cookie

Touch- rough slightly bumpy texture

Sight- tan in color, chocolate coming out of both ends, single chocolate swirl going down, about an inch smaller than the length of my hand

Sound- Crunchy

Taste- very sweet chocolaty taste


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  1.   fuglsang on September 27th, 2017

    First person: Objective and visual. You need to show me “friendly vibe,” and I’m not sure about “straight face.” Does that mean not smiling?

    Food: Some good individual details. OK on the sensory details. The next step would be to pick one, and describe it with an overall purpose in mind. What do you want the reader to know about the pirouline/strawberry?

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