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This article has a both a strong title and a strong lead, it is intriguing from the very beginning. The article is titled “Hurricane Irma, One of the Most Powerful in History, Roars Across Carribean,” the word choice “..Most Powerful in History..” makes you want to read on and find out what makes it so powerful. Francis Robles, Kirk Semple, and Richard Perez-Pena chose to begin the article with , “SAN JUAN, P.R. — Hurricane Irma struck the northeast Caribbean with terrifying force Wednesday, its battering rain and winds of up to 185 miles per hour leaving a trail of chaos, wreckage and flooding from Barbuda to Puerto Rico, before taking aim at islands farther west and, beyond them, Florida.” The adjectives like “terrifying force,” ‘battering rain,” “chaos,” and “wreckage,” all assist in giving you a mental image of the storm.

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  1.   fuglsang on September 11th, 2017

    You’re right that it does employ strong verbs and good imagery. I think it’s kind of long, though. 45 words. I would have put a period after Puerto Rico.

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