Mari Pizzini

Mari Pizzini was born and raised in Helena, Montana. When her graduation from Helena High School came around, her mind was made up that the next best step for her was Morningside College. When making her decision, she decided Morningside was the school for her because the bowling program and the campus were both to her liking. Once accepted, Pizzini chose to double major in English, because of her love of reading, and Mass Communication, with her degree she aspires to land a job as either an editor or publisher.

Mari is an only child who enjoys spending her free time bowling, reading, 4wheeling, or traveling. In fact, this past summer Mari and her family were able to check “travel across all fifty states,” off of their list. One place she still has her sights on is Italy, she wishes to see the city and visit her family across the sea.

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  1.   fuglsang on September 4th, 2017

    Good focus in the first graf, Chelsea. Think about how it could be summed up in a lead. Summarize in one sentence what you want the reader to know.

    I’m kind of curious about the 50 states thing.

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