I see, but do I perceive?

“I’m a legit snack” – Pirouline


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Holding the Pirouline makes me feel like a 1950s detective working on a cold case in the dead of night. It’s heavier than a pen, but not much bigger so it caught me by surprise. The density of the chocolate makes the snack a solid object. The chocolate is the strongest smell, surrounding the whole treat. Bringing the Pirouline to your nose allows the cracker smell from the wafer to come through. The casing is almost a drumstick with ridges, the tan color reminiscent of cheap wood. The dark brown spiral climbs the snack as it rolls.  

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  1. fuglsang

    Nicely done, Calissa. Covers all the senses. The metaphor works if the reader is familiar with old films where people actually smoked.

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