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“Groundbreaking step forward”: The First Same-Sex Couple Engagement on “Bachelor in Paradise”

Leah La Rosa writes about the first same-sex couple to get engaged on “Bachelor in Paradise”. The article highlights the engagement of Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty. The engagement was a historical moment for Bachelor as it is the first of its kind. The two proposed to each other in the show’s season finale, both Burnett and Haggerty saying yes. GLAAD the proposal groundbreaking, as it presented the love between LGBTQ couples as having just as many ups and downs as any other love. Their statement continued “Seeing two women get engaged on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ is a groundbreaking step forward towards including LGBTQ couples across reality television. Reality TV is finally moving towards storylines that LGBTQ audiences and allies have been craving for quite some time.”

This story is obviously for people who are LGBTQ. While the lead gives the names of the women who got engaged, it’s the “first same-sex engagement in the franchise’s history” that draws the attention. I find it newsworthy because I fall into the LGBTQ community, despite not watching the Bachelor. With the GLAAD comment, it seems like the story would have more about LGBTQ people and reality television, but the article doesn’t go any further into the history. The word “said” is only used once for one quote. The most phrase used for quotes was “told ABC News.” This implies that the story was for ABC News, and puts their name into the story more times. This phrase: “As it would turn out, Haggerty still had feelings for Burnett — that’s when she joined the show to fight for Burnett” uses two dashes as a punctuation to connect the two parts. The use of the two dashes creates a sense of anticipation, but I’m not sure if it’s correct punctuation.

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  1. An interesting analysis of quotes, Calissa. Doing these for both classes may be having an effect.

    I’m always skeptical of the dating shows. If the relationship lasts more than six months I’ll believe it wasn’t a stunt.

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