Introducing Shelby

Shelby Small is a second year student at Morningside College, double majoring in English and mass communications. Because she is an English major, her dream job after graduation would be to work for a New York publishing company. She chose Morningside because she is from Sioux City and her mom works here. Over the summer, she worked a job at Bohme at the Southern Hills Mall as a part time assistant manager. She enjoyed working there and was good at what she did; however, the pay did not meet the demands. At Morningside she works as a wrestling manager. Her duties for that include going to practices and tournaments, taking stats, and doing laundry. During her free time she enjoys music and going to concerts. Last summer she went to Warped Tour in Shakopee, Minnesota which was a  very fun experience for her.


What is your definition of objectivity? Objectivity in journalism would be telling the story as it is, with facts and real events. The journalist should not let their own feelings sway the way that they report on a story.

Why be objective? If a journalist is not objective when covering a story, that could question the reliability of it. A person may not be getting the whole truth, but rather their opinion.

How do you do it? A reporter should use facts only and let the readers convey their own opinion on the subject.