Scavenger Hunt – News Conversation

My scavenger hunt objective was to have a conversation about a current news event.

During my shift at Peachwave Tuesday night, I stood at the counter doing homework, cleaning up, and manning the register as customers slowly filed in. Towards the middle of my shift, a man who looked like he was in his fifties or sixties came in for yogurt. This man, who I later found out is named Ken, went directly to the bowl dispenser and filled his up with chocolate yogurt and pecans.

While he was scanning the topping bar, I was putting away my notebooks, textbooks, pens, and laptop as people were starting to come in.

Once the man got to the register he asked me about my school work. Simple questions like what I was studying and if I enjoyed it. Upon answering, he told me that earlier that day, he read an article about a school in London where all use of the internet was banned for students under the age of 12.

On a normal day, this might have just been small talk. But this week, him bringing up the article was a perfect find for my scavenger hunt.

I asked him more about what he read. Ken said that “the purpose of the ban was to promote creativity. Instead of the students leaning on technology, they could create their own activities.”

As this was a news story that I had not yet heard of, but was interested in learning more about it, I asked if this was something all of the students are required to do. Technology is so common in children’s lives today from leisure activities to learning. He said that it was a particular school that was using this format and that the parents that choose to send their children there were in compliance with the absolutely no technology until the age of 12 rule.

My immediate feeling of being surprised at the information must have shown. Ken asked if I could imagine not having the availability of technology when doing my schoolwork. I can imagine it, as technology was not so deeply incorporated in education before I was 12. But in today’s age, it is hard to believe. Especially with the use of technology outside of the classroom.

Overall, this assignment was interesting. If I had not had this task, I would have most-likely never kept this conversation going with Ken. By doing so, I learned a lot and was happily surprised with how quick, yet full of information our interaction was.

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  1. This is well done, Courtney. I am curious abou the quote. Did you take
    notes as you were talking, or did you hold this one quote in memory?

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