The Twilight Zone

I think that this episode of The Twilight Zone fits into our class theme quite well. Although it goes very deep into time travel, it leaves the audience wondering what time travel really is. I think this episode relates somewhat well to what we have read in class, especially “A Sound of Thunder.” The episode we watched and “A Sound of Thunder” both talk about time travel, they are both different accounts of time travel. While “A Sound of Thunder” talks about traveling back into the past, making sure you don’t mess up the future, this episode of The Twilight Zone goes into the future. While the guy travels into the future without knowing it, he understands fully what is going on, but the others have not a single clue. This is very different from Futurama. One, because Futurama is just stupid. Two, in Futurama, they never actually traveled to a new time or old place. They just traveled through all of it. And killed Hitler. Since the episode aired back in 1959, things in the future have changed quite a bit since then. We have more changes than they showed in the episode. If we were to change the order of the show, you would have to include a lot more involvement of technology and other things we have now. While the episode gave us a good idea of their idea of Time Travel, with today’s society, they would have to make things a little more dramatic and believable. All in all, it’s another time travel story based on what everyone knows, just adding a different flare.