Sound of Thunder (4th Time)

After reading “A Sound of Thunder” for the fourth time, the implications really stuck out to me. The story doesn’t state what the underlying meaning but you can tell through the details. The story was written to tell the future and how the future can change the past. It doesn’t go into great detail about how changing the past can change the future, but by reading it you can tell. The story is about how changing something from the past will effect your future. I think that Bradbury wrote this story to inform people of the challenges of time travel. Time traveling can sound like the coolest thing ever, but without thinking about it, it is so dangerous. I think this relates to college because if you would go back in time and change something you did in high-school, you would be in a different position in college, and not necessarily good or bad. The same with the world, if we were to go back even a few weeks ago, would the government be in shut down? Or would they still be running so we can go to the National Parks. If you would go back in years, and change one little thing, would that have changed the Presidential outcome? Who knows. I think you had us read this a few times to really think about the future and time travel and really think about what is happening to life. If time travel was possible, would people actually use it? Who Knows.