Safety Not Guaranteed

Out of the selection of movies involving Time Travel, I picked the movie, “Safety Not Guaranteed.” Starring in this Romantic Comedy/Drama was Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Recreation, and Jake Johnson from 21 Jump Street. The two characters work for a magazine, Jeff (Jake Johnson) takes two of his interns, one of them being Darius (Aubrey Plaza) to Ocean View, Washington to write an article for the magazine about a skeptical ad about time traveling. Jeff tries to get information from the mysterious man, but he refuses to let it go to someone he doesn’t trust. Darius then takes it under her wing to get the information out of this man, but realizes that he might actually be on to something. The movie proceeds to go through the motions of her finding out information, when she realizes that indeed time travel is possible. In the end of the movie, they climb into the time traveler to begin there journey, and that’s how the movie ends. The movie doesn’t go into great detail about time travel however, making it harder to follow. They don’t tell you how they are going to time travel, only where to.

The acting this movie was phenomenal. I am used to seeing Aubrey Plaza play a sad, mopey character on Parks and Recreation, but she take it to a whole new level in this movie, really bringing out the acting in her. Jake Johnson played a principle in the movie 21 Jump Street, making these two roles completely different. In this movie he plays a snarky, smart ass journalist, but can pull of the character well. The movie was under the direction of Colin Trevorrow, who seems to have directed several other “Sci-fi” movies, those of which I have not seen.

If I had to rate this movie, I would give it 4 out 5 stars. The concept of the movie was phenomenal, and the acting was amazing, but the movie never focused quite on the time traveling aspect like I expected it to. He never went into go into grave detail about what all the parts were for and everything.

When I watched this movie I compared it to “A Sound of Thunder.” Both were geared towards time travel, but like the story, the detail on time travel just wasn’t there, making both a little disappointing. In the movie I was expecting them to travel back, and explain what was actually happening, but that never happened. Beyond that, I thought both of the two were relate-able.

All in all, this movie is definitely one I would recommend to people if they want to watch a movie that is funny yet educating.