Sound of Thunder (3rd time)

After reading a “A Sound of Thunder” for the third time, I found some more details that stuck out to me. I compared the two readings, and found several differences yet similarities in each post. While each story talks about time, one takes a more fictional approach, while the other takes a more scientific approach. I preferred reading “A Sound of Thunder” over the other, because it was more fictional, and I could imagine the situation in my head. While the second reading is more scientific I found it very boring, and I couldn’t follow it at all. The author took a very literal post to what the past, present and future was going to be about. While both authors took a very broad topic and made it their own. Both are worth reading, one is just better than the other.

“A Sound of Thunder” takes a very scientific topic and makes it an imaginative story with a background you wont forget. It has a climatic point and explains thoroughly the aspect of time travel. It is a science fiction approach but can keep the reader hooked. Unlike the other story, which was boring and uninteresting, I gathered no information from the reading. “A Sound of Thunder” is a story that can entertain and inform at the same time.