Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity is hosting its 3rd annual Sigs Stand Against Breast Cancer throughout all of Homecoming week at Morningside College.  From Monday night at 7:30 until Saturday at 6:00 P.M. somebody of the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity will be standing on a box in front of the Olson Student Center 24 hours a day, all day and all throughout the night.  All donations and proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  The first year of the event, the Sigs raised over $4,500, second year of the event they raised $2,800, the goal this year, however, is to raise at least $3,500.  A lofty goal many may think to accomplish but one that the members of the fraternity believe is possible.  Vice-President of the Sigs, Tim Smith, a senior at Morningside believes that this year will be a better year for a number of reasons, “We’re down in numbers this year in terms of the number of people that can help out at the box, but I firmly believe that even with these low numbers we can still accomplish much.”  Smith added, “We’re going to try and focus more on the professors and students directly, whether it be walking around the buildings here on campus and going to professors offices asking for donations or going to the dorms and knocking on students doors.  We want to make this as successful as possible because this is a great cause and we strongly believe in it.”

Many people may be wondering how this event got started in the first place.  It all started back in 2008 when then President of Delta Sigma Phi, Ryan Lickteig, got the idea that his group needed to do something to help better the community and to improve their standing with Morningside College President John Rynders.  “We really weren’t on President Rynders most loved list at the time, but I was trying to think of a way to help improve our standing at the college and with the community,” Lickteig went on, “I was surprised at how quick I found a cause to help donate our time to, I got into contact with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure here in Sioux City and I told them that our Fraternity would help raise funds for Breast Cancer Research and we would make it a weeklong event throughout homecoming and hopefully it would be a huge success.”  And so it was born, on a cold Sunday night, starting at midnight just after a chapter meeting had concluded, the box was laid out in front of Olson Student Center and a legacy was started.  “We had people walking by the next day looking at us wondering, you know, what the heck is going on here?  Professors were walking by and going, well it’s about time guys, and giving us huge smiles and reaching for their wallets and donating day in and day out.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this would be such a huge success to us a fraternity and to the community as well.” Lickteig said.

How big was that first year then?  To make it more fun for the guys standing at the box, the guys decided to dance to the hit dance song “Cupid Shuffle” at least three times a day, even dancing in the middle of street holding up traffic and getting people to step out of their cars just to donate.  There was a buzz going on around the city, soon enough, the Sioux City Journal and several local TV stations came by and started putting stories together about the event and asking why they were doing this. $4,500 was raised that first year and Ryan says he could not be more proud of what has become of the event, “We now have Sig Alumni coming back for homecoming just for the box alone, just to see the looks on their faces and to have them compliment us on a job well done, it feels so rewarding and we hope that the community has embraced us for it because we’ve embraced them.” Lickteig beamed.  Hopefully it will become a long standing tradition with the fraternity and the community.  If the Sigs manage to raise at least $2,800, they will eclipse the $10,000 mark in only three years.

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I’m sent out from my journalism class with the task of finding someone who I hardly know and ask them for a piece of good advice.  I walk the short distance to the library and find Nancy Boyle and decide to ask her for advice since she is a great person to get advice from or just to talk to I’m told.  Nancy works at the Spoonholder in the library and helps make the delicious smoothies and cappuccinos for students looking for a little lift in their studies.  So what advice did Nancy give me?  When asked about it she said, “Look out the windows in any building at Morningside,” Nancy continued, “looking out the windows you get to see the beautiful weather or you might see something outside that is just out of the ordinary, you’ll never miss anything if you look out the windows from time to time.”  Simple advice to get, but it makes sense.  You never appreciate the sights outside until you realize just how wonderful the Morningside campus is from the inside of a building.  You seem to appreciate it a little more I think.

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Why is this newsworthy? It involves Lebron James who is always worth some sort of news story.  But after reading what James had to say in this story, I have lost what little respect I had left for the man.  He seriously thinks that race is a factor in his loss of popularity because of “The Decision”?  What an idiot, plain and simple.  This is just another excuse for James who has suddenly turned into the worlds biggest liar.  Lebron James has become the most arrogant diva in all of sports in my opinion now.  This is what happens when someone is drafted straight out of high school and not out of college.  James was clearly lacking some maturity when he first came to the NBA and that was to be expected.  By now we all expect James to act in a professional manner and not childish and completely arrogant.  I hope Dwayne Wade is happy with the results of this offseason, because this is no longer his team.  Its Lebron’s Diva led team and Dwayne has to live with the consequences.  Good luck Dwayne, I won’t be praying for you for you brought this all on yoruself.

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“It’s very shocking,” Oakland running back Darren McFadden said. “I call him Automatic Seabass, so it’s just one of those things. If he kicked that ball 100 times, he’s going to make 99 of them. It just so happened that he missed that one.”

That’s what Raider’s running back Darren McFadden said after the tough loss the Raiders suffered to the Arizona Cardinals.   What makes this interesting and worthy of talking about is the fact that Sebastian Janikowski kicked six field goals today and only made three of them!!  So when McFadden said that if he kicks that 100 times, he should make 99 of them.  That’s just not right considering that he missed three field goals and was the reason why the Raiders lost 24-23! If Janikowski had just made one more of those that’s all it would have taken for them to come away with a victory.  Not entirely sure what game McFadden was watching but obviously he should rethink his stance on Automatic Seabass’s nickname.

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Two armed men robbed BJ’s Drug last night around 8:30 p.m and made off with an undisclosed amount of money.  Barney Joseph Jr., 43, owner of the store, said two men walked into his store around 8:30 p.m. wearing ski masks and immediately pointed a gun at him while the other masked man stole the cash from the register.  Barney says that the two men drove away with a car that was parked at the front of the store, the robbery took less than a minute.  After further investigation, police found out that Barney keeps a pistol under the counter but he chose not to use the weapon in defense of his store.  Barney said that it would have been unwise for him to have used his gun in the situation that he was in.

Nearly 25 years ago, BJ’s Drug was robbed and the owner of the store was killed in the hold up.  That owner was Barney’s father.  Talking further with Barney about the robbery that occurred 25 years ago, revealed why he didn’t use his gun to stop his robbery, “Dad resisted, I guess.  Anyway, they found him shot to death, his own gun in his hand, and a bullet in the store’s ceiling.  I’d rather part with my money than my life,” he said.

Suffolk Downs

Several hours before the racing season at Suffolk Downs Race Track, Boston opened up, the barn which was housing the horses, burned to the ground.  Sometime around four o’clock this morning, flames erupted inside of the barn and the barn quickly caught fire and burned to the ground in a matter of hours.  Only several rows of charred wooden supports remain after the fire.  25 horses were stabled in the barn, of those 25 however, 15 died of them died.  The other ten managed to escape the fiery barn even with two of the horses back’s being on fire.  Jockey, Albert Ramos, Miami, FL, was shocked and was in complete dismay at the fire, “That’s my best friends,” he said, pointing to the surviving horses. “I love horses more than I do people.  I feel like I want to cry.”

Arson is suspected to be the cause of the fire by several officials.  Dan Bucci, assistant general manager of the track said, “It could have been of an incendiary nature because it started in the middle of the barn, not at the end.  Only the heaters and electrical outlets were in the tack rooms at the ends of the barns.”  If that’s not enough cause for suspicion then Jim Connery, fire chief, has more details on the fire, ” The fire exploded near the center of the barn.  Flamers were shooting out of the building when we got here.  The fire is definitely suspicious.”  An investigation is under way to determine how the fire started and who had access to the barns at such an early time in the morning.

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All I have to say about this story is its about time!  Finally some common sense is being displayed in Oakland.  For all of Nnamdi Asomugha’s career, he has been restricted to the right half of the field, and he’s been great there don’t get me wrong.  He shut down that entire side of the field for years now.  But teams easily found ways to exploit this by throwing only to other side of field and out of Asomugha’s reach.  Now though, by moving Asomugha around the field, this will surely cause team’s fit’s.  Especially this weekend when the Raider’s will take on rookie quarterback Sam Bradford of the St. Louis Rams.   Last week Bradford threw the ball more than 50 times in his first start of his career.  If Asomugha moves all the over the field he’ll be sure to confuse Bradford and more than likely force a turnover or two.  It’s a sure test for the rookie taking on one of the best cornerback’s in the league.  I’m interested to see how the Raider’s will respond from the thumping that the Titan’s put on them last week as well. 

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A two car accident led to the death of one man and the injuries of three people just two miles east of Sioux City on Hwy 20.  Moyer Quick was passing a truck but rear ended the vehicle sending both vehicles into the ditch with Quick’s car rolling over once.  Moyer died at the scene, Randy Radin was the driver of the truck with two other passenger’s in the vehicle.  Dorothy Quick, 61, South Sioux, and Maxine Steurerwald, 43, of Lawton were transported to Marian Health Center where their condition’s were listed as “good” and “fair”.  Radin was in more serious condition with a fractured skull and internal  injuries he is listed as “critical”.  The accident is still under investigation, but there are no leads as to why or how Quick rear ended Radin’s truck.

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A Texaco gasoline truck overturned on the outskirts of town early yesterday with gasoline flooding from the truck.  Gas flooded out of the truck and flowed right into sewer lines for two blocks around 48th Street and Correctionville Road and several other streets and ditches.  Police and firefighters rerouted cars through side streets for nearly 2 hours while the gas was being flushed away.  Four families were forced to evacuate their homes because of sewer-line gas.  Fire Chief Charles Hochandel says gives credit to the men’s training for the quick clean up, “The firemen followed catastrophe and hazmat procedures set up before hand for just such an occurence.”

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East High Principle Laura Vibelius reported earlier today that a false fire alarm was sounded three times last Wednesday.  Disgruntled students seem to be the main culprits in the alarm’s being sounded.  The students were all upperclassmen who were protesting the Monday suspension of five students who were suspended for smoking marijuana in the school parking lot.  The students have all been reprimanded and have been suspended for one week.

Principle Vibelius also commented on some more general unrest at East High.  A classic food fight in the cafeteria on Tuesday closed the caf down for the down.  Vibelius made these comments on the food fight, ” Not so much unrest becaue of suspensions, but because of summer vacation being so near.”  Vibelius says that she doesn’t see any continuation of these “incedents” in the near future.

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It’s the typical story line:  Cat gets stuck in a tree, and firefighter climbs the tree and saves the day.  If only that was the case for firefighter Bob Harwood. Twin sister’s, Suzanne and Samantha Decker, were playing in the front yard when they heard a cat meowing and crying for help in a tall oak tree.  Knowing that the Decker’s were the only family on the block with a calico cat, the twins knew that it was their beloved kitten that was stuck in the tree.  911 was immediately dialed and a firefighter squad quickly arrived on the scene.

Senior firefighter, Bob Harwood, climbed 50 feet up the oak tree and managed to retrieve the kitten.  All seemed well with the cat in safe hands.  Climbing down the tree, Harwood stepped on a dead limb which broke and he and the cat immediately fell to the ground 15 feet below.  Harwood broke his left leg and was immediately take to St. Luke’s Hospital where he is doing “just fine” said St. Luke’s officials.  The cat is doing just fine as it landed safely on Harwood’s chest and managed to remain unscathed.

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