Nothing to read on this story quite simply.  Only thing I’m taking away from this is that every single expert at ESPN, except for Eric Allen, is picking the San Francisco 49ers to pick up their first win of the season against the Oakland Raiders this Sunday.  Am I surprised by this?  A little bit, the Raiders seem to always find a way to win a huge game then have a massive let down game the following week.  Take last year for example, Raiders had just beat division rival Denver Bronco’s and were set to play the dismal Cleveland Browns.  Everyone figured the Raiders would roll to a 2 game winning streak.  Instead the Raiders managed to lose 23-9!  What I’m trying to get at is that it is in the Raider’s history to fold after a huge game.  But I’m here to tell you that this year is a different team.  This year the Raider’s are benefiting from  a consistent coaching group, better quarterback play and running game.  The defense has struggled sure, but it hasn’t given up when it gets down.  Every time this team has answered right back and kept up in all its ball games.  I’m predicting that the Raiders prove everybody wrong and prove that they are not the same team from last year. Raiders win 23-10.

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