Former Governor Terry Branstad visited Morningside College to discuss his run for the governorship in Iowa.  Many may wonder why Branstad is running for governor after already holding the office for 4 terms nearly two decades ago.  Branstad cleared that one up pretty easily, “I wanted to run for Governor because I love Iowa, and I couldn’t stand to watch the mess that it’s in.”  The “mess” that he’s primarily referring to is the unemployment rate which has skyrocketed to nearly 8.6%.  Branstad was firm on the belief that he could turn this economy around like he did last time he was in office. Nick Buth, a student at Morningside College, thinks that it might be possible, “I think that he won’t be able to do it in only one term of office, I don’t think anybody in their right mind would be able to.”  In other words, maybe Branstad isn’t necessarily the right answer.  Maybe the economy just needs a few years to right itself out and things can possibly return to normal.  Who is the right answer in this years election? Terry Branstad or Chet Culver?  Maybe neither is the right answer.  Soon enough we’ll find out.

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