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Bus tour offers lesson in Sioux City’s “haunted” history

Very interesting subject since it is the season for stuff like that.  I might have to check it out this weekend and see what it is all about.  Looking at that video the video was talking about with the “person” in the back,  I’m really interested at that and makes you wonder about that kind of stuff.

I know in the video it says that they are on the Scare Level 1, I wonder what the other 2 levels are like if this is all on level 1.  Any guesses?

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Standing his ground, Terry Branstad lectured to folk from the community and also to students at Morningside College.  Branstad gave his views on Iowa’s budget, healthcare, and various other subjects. His number 1 reason for returning to the governor’s office was that he loved Iowa and didn’t like what was happening in Iowa with the budget cuts and unemployment.

His attack against Chet Culver was “Chulver’s view is politics, not policy.”

When Branstad entered office the first time, unemployment in Iowa was 8.6% and when he left office, unemployment was 2.5%.  Yes that is a large difference and he is using facts and statistics like that in order to promote why he is a better choice than Culver.

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Report: Facebook apps transmitted personal info

This story is one that would track A LOT of attention since almost everybody has Facebook or an other New Media profile.  Also, most people don’t use the computer as much instead they use the phones with apps probably from third-party sources.  Should cause some controversy over this perhaps.

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This has to be one of the weirdest stories currently.  And strangley enough its with the Tea Party and a familiar face in New York City.  Any guesses?

The Naked Cowboy plans on RUNNING for PRESIDENT in 2012.

How weird is that.

Naked Cowboy’s next gig: Run for president

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