Big Bang Theory

Items else in Big Bang Theory that I’ve include to be seen by you that I think is pretty good.

 Friendship Algorithm has already been posted CLICK HERE to see it.

The Big Bang Theory’s Slippery Nipple Scene.

  • “Koothrappali, with the help of alcohol, begins speaking to Penny.”
  • Click Here = Slippery Nipple

The Big Bang Theory’s Sword Master.

  • “They play an online game and have some issues with teamwork.”
  • Click Here = Sword Master

The Big Bang Theory’s Green Lantern’s Glow.

  • “Sheldon uses the Green Lanterns’ Oath & Lamp to impress two ladies.”
  • Click Here = Green Lantern

The Big Bang Theory’s Knock Knock.

  • “*Knock knock knock* Penny? *Knock knock knock* Sheldon?”
  • Click Here = Knock Knock

The Big Bang Theory’s Computer Voice.

The Big Bang Theory’s Christmas Gifts.

  • “Sheldon Exchanges Gifts With Penny”
  • Click Here = Christmas Gift

The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon The Germaphobe.

  • “Sheldon is nervous because he thinks Penny has brought back germs from Nebraska.”
  • Click Here = The Germaphobe

The Big Bang Theory’s Drunken Sheldon Singing.

The Big Bang Theory’s Soft Kitty Song.

  • “While playing nursemaid to Sheldon, Penny sings him a song.”
  • Click Here = Soft Kitty

The Big Bang Theory’s Time-Share Time Machine.

  • “Leonard bids on what he thinks is a miniature time machine.”
  • Click Here = Time Machine

The Big More To Come. Enjoy.

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