Where am I?  I am in a place that is a productive place even better than the Post Office.  News comes and goes throughout the hours of this place.  I hear different types of audio – people talking and also NATS audio.  There is also this clicking sound of typing keys echoing in the room with lots of shuffling of papers.  I see a very bright green wall when the particular lights are on.  I see a desk and a foot-high stage with a gray-colored carpet.  Behind the desk there is a very nice LCD TV used to display the logo of the place. There is also 6 other TVs in the area.

Any guesses yet?

To the left of the desk area, I see something similar to the desk arraingement except for no desk and there is also severe weather pictures around.  Yes, it is a weather area.  Behind me and next to me are ginormous cameras, with cables and cords all over the area, pointing towards the desk and weather area. The main colors I see around be are blue, brown, gray, black, red, and gold.  The logo on the TV has red, gold, black, and also a peacock shape thing.

It is the main studio for KTIV News Channel 4 with the Weather Center and Green Screen.  I was describing it from being right in front the camera facing the News Desk.KTIV NewsChannel 4

Some history about KTIV is that its the NBC affiliate in Sioux City, IA.  It was established in 1953 but has roots back into the 19th Century.  KTIV made its broadcasting debut on Sunday, October 10, 1954. That first broadcast evening included four NBC shows: “People are Funny” at 6pm; “The Liebman Spectacular” from 6:30-8pm; “The Television Playhouse” from 8-9pm; and “The Loretta Young Show” from 9-9:30pm.  KTIV did indeed for its location had to raise the microwave tower way above the trees in order for the trees to not interfere.  Recently KTIV did some contruction on the parking lot.  They expanded it twice the size I think  and also redid the ramp way – or drive way.

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