Rockestra rocks Sioux City

There is a flaw in there next showing.  I think that Rockestra won’t get as many people they hope for since Christmas @ Morningside is the exact same night, Friday, December 3rd.  Otherwise it does truly sound like a must-see, err, -hear event.  I think the best part of this group is that each person is an “Every Day” person.  I’d like to attend one of their showings but I just don’t think about it until about a few days away.

I would also agree on what Luebke said, “I want 90% of the audience to know 90% of the songs. And I want them to feel really good about the music that they listen, too.”  I figure if you get it like that then that should be pretty good.

3 Responses to “News Comment 11-12-10”

  1.   fuglsang Says:

    Or maybe Christmas at Morningside attendance will be down. Actually, I wouldn’t think the audiences cross over that much. Two different styles, two different purposes. Has anyone noted in the SCJ that the two concerts are the same night?

  2.   Chris Levine Says:

    Good point. I don’t think someone else has put 1 to 1 together on that part of them both being on the same night.

  3.   Chris Levine Says:

    I have noted now in the SCJ lol.