‘Paranormal Activity 2’ scares up $41.5 million to top weekend box office

It was very interesting to see how this sequal turned out since most of the works, as the article said, were kept secret as much as possible.  I don’t think it’ll do as good as the first one since most people who saw the first one would know what to expect somewhat in the second.  However, it did top this weekend’s Box Office in revenue with $41.5 million, but it is a disappointment that the opening weekends gross didn’t beat Jackass 3D’s opening weekend.

3 Responses to “News Comment 10-29-10”

  1.   fuglsang Says:

    OK, Chris. Nice to see you jump back on the News Comment.

    Keep it up.

    Why are opening week grosses newsworthy?

  2.   Chris Levine Says:

    Well the reason I picked that one is because that the first Paranormal Activity did so well in theatres and this second one didn’t do as well. My theory on that, and I think it has been mentioned else where, is that most people who saw the first one knew what to expect somewhat in the second.

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