NASA and Speaker

I went to the speaker to his last session of the day on Friday.  I believe he had very valid points and did give good examples or evidence behind the points he tried to get across.  I think his most prevalent aspect of his speech was to take chances and to always try and challenge yourself while within a business.  He discussed if u want to move up in a business you need to challenge yourself otherwise you will be in the same position forever.  It was very interesting that he did business in many different organizations like people magazine.  He said that although that he had no experience with the new subject or job that needed to be done the ability to learn quickly and the education in that field made him successful.  In his speech he did make it important that jobs are all over and the ability to move to take a job is a big decision.  While talking about NASA since that speaker didn’t show up till the end the information given was only videos but did seem captivating because they were expanding beyond governmental control and into more private organizations with more chances to collect money to expand.