Daily post – 10/16/10 Let’s go shoot something.

Posted on September 16, 2010 
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That’s what I do sometimes to put bread on the table.  Not with firearms, but with a camera.  Most of the time it is video, but the art of still photography has earned me a buck or two over the years.

However, on Tuesday, it was the moving version of photography which made the coin. Responding to a request from a division of AOL, I was tasked to shoot and edit a 2 minute piece on a hairstyle done by one of the Sioux Falls hair salons.

After shooting for about three hours at the salon, I headed out to get some cover footage of Sioux Falls.

After navigating the delays on Minnesota Avenue due to construction, I found a parking place relatively close to the falls, where I could bail out, grab the camera, and get several shots for the opening of the piece.

As I set up, and started shooting, something caught my eye below the camera in front of me.  (As I am very wary of snakes, that was what first popped into my mind.) I looked down and there was a ground squirrel, just sitting there looking up at me like I was a tree or an extension of the fence post I was using for camera support.  I slowly tilted the camera down and this is what I saw:

At least I wasn’t compelled to kill a snake with a 3 month old, $10,000 camera.

I’m pretty sure insurance wouldn’t cover that.

Well, that’s all for today.


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