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Posted on September 10, 2010 
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A recent article posted on the Sioux City Journal’s web site (lifted from the Des Moines Register) covers the uproar caused by Drake University’s latest marketing idea.

Here it is: (Credit: The Des Moines Register)

Having worked in the industry for the last quarter century plus, I can appreciate a catchy jingle or risque billboard or print ad, especially when well done.

However, the ‘D+’ thing with a school smacks too much like those mild ‘double entendre’ tag lines that make us just a little uncomfortable.  Why not go ahead and say ‘Come to Drake and be mediocre!’, or perhaps less!

It did have the result of raising awareness and generating discussion, but not in the same vein as academic excellence and scholastic achievement.  As was posted in the title to this article, there has to be some board or at least a department head that should have some explaining to do.  If not at the school then at the advertising agency that shoveled this out the door.

Perhaps the company had something to do with Salt Lake City’s marketing:

According to the Des Moines Register, Drake has pulled the logo from their web site but is still using it on printed matter.  No wonder since they probably had thousands of pieces printed up to get a good rate at the printer!

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