College Culture – Runners (Draft)

As one could expect on Morningside campus, athletics are a great opportunity for making friends. Oftentimes, one will see a couple of wrestlers rooming together, a trio of basketball players doing a DJ program together at the college station, a group swimmers playing League of Legends together, and a handful of football players eating supper together after practice. Obviously, athletics help bring students (and certain faculty) together, as they work together to meet a common goal. Through trials and triumphs, teammates help each other grow as a whole.

This rings especially true for Morningside’s Track and Cross-Country teams. Coached by Dave Nash, the two teams are quiet possibly the strongest display of a team. Often times, one can tell who is part of the teams simply by the way they interact with each other. The large table of athletic looking students in short shorts way on the other side of the Caf might be one of the easiest ways to find a track or cross-country runner during the dining hours on Morningside Campus.

“I knew I wouldn’t have any trouble fitting into the program,” comments Alex “AJ” Janssen, a freshman runner on both the track and cross country teams [insert rest of recorded quote here].

– How easy it is to get along with everyone on team    “Everybody hangs out with everybody.”
– Insert Eric Koithan quote about how top runners players still socialized with not-so-top runners
– Add in AJ quote that confirms and expounds on such detail

– Any quote from Coach Dave Nash, when I get him
– Quotes from Eric and AJ (maybe another source too) about Nash’s coaching style
– Explain how Coach Nash cares more about the athlete than the sport

– AJ quotes
> “Running in college is more than competing.”
> “He really just wants you to grow as an athlete.”

– Koithan quotes
> “If it was not for Coach Nash, my running career probably would have ended early.”
> “Coach Nash is the only coach that took extra time recruiting me…”

– Throw in things about health here and there.
– Close up with Koithan and AJ speaking of their plans to continue running after college. Maybe a quote from Nash again too.