Profile Sketch – Paul Johnson

Meet Paul Johnson. Some of you may be saying to yourself, “that’s the whitest name next to ‘John Smith’!”; others might be thinking that I am introducing the current coach of the Georgia Tech football team, but most will be surprised (if they have not met this character yet) that Paul Johnson is in fact a 100% Nigerian citizen who is currently double-majoring in Mass Communications and International Communications at Morningside College.

Paul does lots of things. One of those “things” that he’s most notable for is making friends. One walk from Dimmitt to the Caf with Paul Johnson will show you a fraction of the people that he has opened himself up to on campus. This friend-making trend has been exemplified by his involvement in student government, Morningside Mass Comm, Residence Life, Men’s soccer, and much, much more.

Of course, involvement does not equate friendship. Despite the fact that Paul is an “introvert”, he keeps a sign by his frame that reads “Open Door PAUL-icy” to show the he welcomes everyone into his place. Without fail, there is cheerful chit-chat coming from the chamber of our champion. It’s very rare that anyone on Morningside’s small campus does not know Paul Johnson.