Scavenger Hunt 3 – Buy Something New

Initially, I had planned to buy something along the lines of buying a pregnancy test or birth control pills. I changed my mind after sifting through the aisles of Walgreen’s. I decided to take a more economical approach and buy something that I would actually use, so I bought a power strip. Yes, I understand that this object is not entirely new to me, but for the fact that it has USB charge ports on it, I would argue that it is still something new (plus, I’ve never purchased a power strip before).

The object was not fully wrapped in packaging when I purchased it, so there wasn’t much left to the imagination after picking it up. That didn’t matter too much to me, though. I’ve been needing a new power strip for a while, and this provided some extra features.

The dark color scheme makes the strip look more sleek and modern than others, also allowing it to not get dirtied so easily. Additionally, the power plugs have sliding locks that not only highlight where to plug in on the strip, but also serve as protectors in case a curious child attempts to stick something conductive into the plugins. Lastly, there are friggen’ USB charge ports on it. Adapters have become obsolete. Now I can charge everything.

As for the other sense, I didn’t bother with smell or taste, so we can leave that out of the question. The texture of the main strip, it is similar to that of my laptop. In fact, I would not be surprised if they are made from the same material. The chord seems to be made of some thick rubber and appears to be durable for a good amount of time. It’s about the same weight as your usual power strip and close to the same size, so it’s nothing substantially different in terms of mass.

All in all, this new object is not entirely foreign, but it is an unusual combination of shapes and textures that I have not experienced before.