Scavenger Hunt – Sounds

I am in a soundproof room, and it serves much of its purpose. The only sounds I hear come from this room, and thankfully, there are plenty of them. Aside from the click-clacking of my own keyboard as I type this entry, there are three noises that somewhat blend together in some sort of odd composition. There are two sounds droning along with each other, forming an atonal chord. The hiss of the static and the whoosh of the fan press on together in some sort of perceived unison. Lastly, but not least, are the voices of two of my co-workers calling a local high school game. The rhythm of this noise is much less consistent than the others, but it seems to have a cadence all on its own. I’ve learned the cadence well enough to know when it is my time to take action.

Right now, I’m working as a “Board Op” for Y 101.3, Y Country, one of the stations for Powell Broadcasting. Y Country has a program called the Small Town, Big Time Football Game of the Week every Friday during the high school football season, and I am the one who operates the board while the sportscasters call the game. Every time a break approaches, which is signaled by the commentator’s verbal rhythm, I must play the commercials back at the station as well as rally the signal from the remote area to the broadcast waves. It’s a simple and sometimes boring job, but it’s something in my field.

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#1   fuglsang on 09.17.14 at 08:30

The music of noise. Is that an oxymoron.

Good blending of your musical knowledge and writing

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