P-Hutch Anecdote

One word could describe Professor Hutchins: Dad. No, I do not mean that this person is my own father; nor am I solely referring to the fact that this man is legitimately teaching one of his own offspring at this school. It is the fact that Professor Tony “P-Hutch” Hutchins is a father figure to many of his own students. Also, his sense of humor is what many could refer to as “dad humor”.

This may be because Professor Hutchins might not get your attention any other way. Being approximately 5’8″, bald, and of considerable weight, Hutchins’ appearance does not scream “attention-grabbing”. He often acknowledges his less-than-perfect looks as a way of self-deprecating comedy to add to the numerous “lame” puns, which he dishes out whenever he can. This often leaves many students to simply groan in exasperation.

But that is not the reason why most students enjoy having “P-Hutch” for a class, at least not the main one. It’s his dedication to his students, in making sure that they learn at the very least one thing from any class with him. His methods, though sometimes uncanny, prove rather effective, especially with the Jazz Ensemble, which he instructs. Though, he is not afraid to go one-on-one with a student to sort out any issues that may be occurring.


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