Construction and Migration

Due to construction taking place on Morningside campus, classes in room 111 of the Library have been forced to move to the ICN room in Roadman Hall. The transition, so far, has been fairly smooth, with little to no complaints. “It’s an issue, but it’s not a huge issue.”

I managed to speak with Dave Madsen, the department chair of Morningside’s Mass Communications program. He helped share some information about the construction. “… [It’s the] Academic Building, that is for nursing and education and advising center and our new program that’s going to be coming on campus next fall…”

But that’s not the major reason why students are changing classrooms, “… In addition to the work on that new building, they’re working on the façade of the library on the west side of the building, which is where our offices are… And our classroom is for the Mass Comm department…” Madsen explains how this move is for the students’ and faculty’s own safety, “The potential is, that, you know, a big piece of steel could come crashing through the window. They don’t want us sitting here when that happens. Same thing on the classroom side: they don’t want students here when they’re working in there.”

Fortunately, this ‘minor inconvenience’ is not going to last for too long. “So when we come back after Christmas break, we should be able to come back into our space again.” Though, construction will return during the summer. “In May, during the summer, they don’t want us in there again. Because, I think, that’s probably doing the final work on the project.”

The project is due to be finished by October of 2014. According to Marc Curl, the General Foreman of the project, that’s when the college wants construction finished. “… a year from now. There’s a lot of steps to get to that point.” The construction crew is doing anything everything to ensure that they finish the project on time. Lately, the crew has been working 10 hour days, “Just to get ahead of winter, you know? Usually, if it’s an 8 hour day, we do what we need to do in 8 hours. But when winter comes, we usually turn on the hours because it’s going to get cold…” This is including weekends. “… same deal: just trying to beat the weather.” Needless to say, the crew is hoping for a late winter, “Yeah, like none at all.”

Fortunately, there haven’t been any hiccups down the road yet. “So far, smooth sailing… No mistakes there. Everything’s happenin’ so fast that they ain’t keepin’ up with us. We’re waitin’ on red iron. Particular pieces, ‘cause you can’t build without ‘em.” Despite the heavy load up ahead, Curl and his team are optimistic about this project. “So, we got a lot of work here… It’s an awesome project to be part of.”

All in all, any inconvenience will be proven worthy once the project is complete. For all of us here  on 92.9 KMSC News, I’m Ben Catus.

Due to current health conditions and the fact that I cough up a lung if I speak too long, I will put together the broadcast version of this when my voice is ready*. In the mean time, I have the sound files with all of the information.

As seen from the Mass Comm Dept.

As seen from the Mass Comm Dept.

Interview with Dave Madsen    Interview with Marc Curl

Migration in Process ICN Room


*I know, I should have gotten to that before I got sick. But I’m a procrastinator, not a psychic. Sincerest apologies.

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#1   fuglsang on 11.06.13 at 14:24

“It’s an issue, but it’s not a huge issue.” Who said that, and how would I know? Is the voice recorded in the story?

“helped share”=shared. One word is better than two.

I’d like to hear this recorded, Ben. It “sounds” good, and it seems like you’re doing a nice job of transitioning between your interview bits. Nicely conversational.

Also, I appreciate the Curl interview. A for effort!

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