The Voice of Morningside (Morningsider Highlight)

 This month’s Morningsider Highlight shines on Kevin Pottebaum, a Sioux City native and Morningside graduate that that now works as the “Voice of Morningside”. Pottebaum is the Digital Communications Manager at Morningside College, where he works with social media as well as Public Relations. “They’re paying me instead of me paying them, so that’s nice,” Pottebaum commented on his job at his Alma Mater.

One of the major projects that Pottebaum is currently working on revamping the college’s website. He said that even though it’s been pushed back for quite some time, the new layout for the website is expected to appear around the end of this calendar year. “It’s mostly been pushed back because so many people have to approve it,” he explains. It has been about 6 or 7 years since the site has had an updated appearance. His goal is to have it refreshed every 4 or 5 years.

Though, this was not his original choice of workplace. Initially, Pottebaum worked in Mitchell, South Dakota, as a sportswriter. “My dream job was to be a sportswriter, but not in Mitchell, South Dakota,” he shared in a recent group interview, “if you think there’s nothing to do in Sioux City, try living in Mitchell.” He worked in Mitchell for around 10 months before he came back to Sioux City.

 As chance would have it, Pottebaum’s wife, Amanda, was offered a teaching position at Bryant Elementary in Sioux City that gave a higher wage than his own job in Mitchell. Pottebaum decided that it would be better for them if he searched for a job in Sioux City, which his new father-in-law announced at his wedding, while his then employer was present. Pottebaum laughingly described it as “probably one of the worst two week notices ever.”

 Pottebaum went to East High, and graduated from Morningside College, where he majored in Mass Communications and minored in Sports Management. He and his wife, a Bishop-Heelan and Briar Cliff University graduate, currently live in Sioux City with their two dogs, Tazz and Riley. In his spare time, he enjoys going outdoors with his dogs and hiking as well as playing for the amateur baseball team, the Sioux City Saints. 

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#1   fuglsang on 09.24.13 at 06:41

You’re trying to do a lot here, Ben (4th paragraph), but overall OK. First two grafs work well together. The intro is too conversational for print, but it might work for broadcast. It would lead into a live interview though.

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