Unfinished Draft

With the termination of Scott Weiland, addition of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, and upcoming release of a new EP, the Stone Temple Pilots have been garnering a fair amount of media attention (comparative to anything that is not about Miley Cyrus or her VMA performance).

In February of 2013, Weiland, the original vocalist of the band, was fired, reportedly due to his drug abuse and consistent tardiness. Not too long afterward, Bennington was hired to fill. Since then, there has been tension between Weiland and the remaining three members.

Weiland attempted to tour solo under the name of Stone Temple Pilots, with a backing band attempting to impersonate the original band, resulting in the other three members filing suit. In response, Weiland filed a counter-suit, claiming that they have no right to the name.

Currently, the band is going under the name “Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington”. The band is now touring and has their latest EP, High Rise, due to be released in October. So far, he has been generally well –received as the new front-man of the band.


#1   Amber on 09.10.13 at 10:29

The lead kind of lost me for a bit before I figured out what the story was actually about in the second paragraph. What were the results of the filed suits? Has there been any other tension between the band and old singer besides the suits? You hit the main points of the story very well.

#2   fuglsang on 09.16.13 at 14:55

Good comment, Amber. If readers don’t know who Weiland is, or who STP is, they’re likely to be lost.

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