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For a small amount of people in the upper Des Moines area, the family name of “Haas” may ring a bell. Pretty soon, though, the name will do more than ring a bell. Scott Haas, of Algona, has been rated top newscaster for CNN, and believe it or not, this is only his first year with the station.

Scott Haas grew up in small town Algona, and from the start, he was destined for success. Being involved in many activities, including speech, theatre, band, choir, mock trial, student media, and even taking the position of Germany’s Nuclear Engineer for the Algona chapter of Model U.N., Haas figured out early on how to get the job done with numerous other things getting in the way.

After high school, Haas went to the prestigious Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa, to major in Mass Communications. Along with student media, Haas was also involved in theater, and Symphonic Wind Ensemble (SWE). Buckling down to focus on student media, he single-handedly made MCTV, Morningside’s TV station, the top viewed station in Siouxland for the Spring of 2016. Since then, Morningside has become recognized as the nation’s top school for Mass Communications.

So far, Haas has been doing nothing but fulfilling his dreams. In a recent interview, he stated that being on television for journalism had been his dream. He has also stated that his inspirations are George Lucas and Andy Samberg are his inspirations. Could this possibly mean that we’ll see Haas on the silver screen in the future? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, Haas will continue onto journalism, utilizing his newly discovered mutant powers of unlimited shape-shifting (yet another dream of Haas) to get the most exclusive information from the most reliable sources.

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#1   fuglsang on 09.03.13 at 07:33

Not-so-legit articles is a category you (hopefully) won’t be using a lot for this class. Go back to your earlier comments about Reddit for a moment. How helpful are those articles that are made up or exaggerated simply to get “likes”?

News reporting uses creativity in a different way. Just as an example, I like the first sentence. If it were true it would get me interested in the story and I would read on.

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