Sep 30 2010

Ideal Job

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What I want to do after college right now is to move back home and work on the family ranch. Although that could all change maybe when I get my degree and want to find a job that involves that. So my ideal job right now is the job of a rancher. I have been working on the ranch for the past 4 years and I have loved every part of it. I really like the people I work with and right now I can’t see myself doing anything else than just going back home to work on the ranch with my family.

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Sep 29 2010

Alex Watter’s

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I thought the Alex Watter’s presentation was very good. Its amazing how fast you life can change and for Alex Watter’s that’s exactly what happened. Its crazy to think what happened to Alex since he was 150 feet out on a dock. I know I would have never thought the water was only going to be 18 inches deep that far out. What really made Alex’s presentation so good though was the way in looked at life now even after everything he had been through. The way that he stilled looked at life and the way he had fun and the his cripple ways of life were all significant things to me. Just because he was in a wheel chair that wasn’t going to slow him down. He was going to do anything and everything that he could possible do. Alex’s made some great points in his presentation and I will continue you think about them and use them while here and Mside and my life after I leave here.

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Sep 27 2010

Writing Process

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My writing process is really easy I would have to say because I’m not really sure I have one. Whenever I have got a writing assignment I usually just start writing and go from there. If I don’t know the topic very well I will to some research to find more information about it but even then I will just start writing and piece it together as i go. Its probably not the best way to go about a writing assignment but its just the way I have done it in the past. I can write about anywhere just as long as there aren’t to many distractions going on and I can stay focused. For writing habits I really don’t have any because I usually just start out writing and then go from what I know or have researched. Some times I may create a list of topics or things that i think are important so I don’t forget to put them in the writing, but other than that I just go.

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Sep 23 2010


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I have liked blogging because I would way rather have some read my thoughts and what I think than stand up in front of the class and have to say it all in person. I also like blogging because it is quick and easy and you get to read other peoples thoughts on topics. I’m not really sure what could better about our bloggings. We have all be doing them and expressing our on thoughts on each topic that we have everyday. I’m sure some blogs are better than others but yet they all still answer the questions we have. Reading others people blogs has helped me with some ideas and how I could look at some things differently or do some things differently. A good response I think is a comment that they agree with and what they like about you blog. They could also give ideas of what they think could be different if they thought differently than I did. They could suggest different ideas to if they wanted.

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Sep 22 2010


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I have done many different writings since I have started school. I have wrote essays, short stories, one page papers on things, and speeches. I have done some creative and persuasive  writings but not many. I have done so many different writings over the years that a lot of them are probably just writing that I had to do for school and just wrote what I needed to and that was it. Everywhere writing that you do is different in some way either the topic, the way you express, it or just how much effort you feel like putting into the writing. A persuasive writing is going to be different than that from a paper that you have to write to answer  a question.  Persuasive and creative writings can be used in one but also can be used individually. You could use both because you probably need to come up with a creative way to persuade people to come to your side or what ever you are trying to convince. A creative writing your going to use creative things and probably try to do some of the best writing you can do and use words that you normally wouldn’t use in other writings. My process for writing on my blog is that I look at the question think about it for a little bit if i have to and then just start writing. If it doesn’t sound good I will go back and change things. I usually just start writing and go from there though.

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Sep 20 2010

Effects of a liberal arts education

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The effects of a liberal arts education is what you learn and the the skills you develope as you attend college. It will all come together and have you prepared for life after college. You will have skills and things that employers will be looking for. Liberal arts education will make you a more versatile person, and hopefully will have us prepared for any problem that we may come across.

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Sep 16 2010


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I like to read newspaper and anything that has to do with sports. I also like to read books of my choice that I know will like and that will keep me wanting to read them. I read a lot about sports and what is happening in the most of all the sports. If it is something I have chosen to read I am more likely to stay interested in it for a longer period of time and actually get what I am reading. I can read things that are assigned to me, but sometimes they can to long and boring and I have a hard time trying to stay focused on what I am reading. Some things that are assigned can be interesting and I may like the topic so I can read it with out any problem. I do not like reading boring things though that don’t interest me at all.

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Sep 13 2010

My Identity

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My identity is really hard to describe because I have never actually thought about it. To me my identity is just who I am. It is going to change depending on the day I am having, weather it is a good day or bad day. My identity is also going to change with the people who I  am around. If I’m around my friends from home I am more likely to be more myself than I am when I’m here at college. My identity is just who I am and how express myself. My identities just come together on there own because I just do them without even think about it because that is just who i am. During the week my identity will change with my moods and the people I am around.

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Sep 10 2010

Life In College

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Life in college I have learned is a lot different than that from high school. It seems like I have a lot of free time but in actuality I don’t have hardly free time at all and the free time that I get if I don’t spend it wisely it will be gone before I know. I have learned that you really need to stay on top of things. I have learned that I do not like history anymore! I have also learned that I need to use more of my free time working on things so I can stay caught up better. No my commandments haven’t changed.

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Sep 08 2010


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Booth I agree with that we should write everyday. Writing can help us in so many different ways. Weather the papers are boring or not really depends on the person writing the paper and the topic the paper is being written i think. Every student will have topics they would like to write on and topics that they absolutely hate. The topics that students like to write on will probably be better written than if it was a topic they didn’t like. They will spend more time and use more details on a topic than one they didn’t like and they just wrote it quickly to get in done and not have to worry about it.

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