Oct 14 2010

My Major

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My major right now is to study business administration or at least something to do with business. I know it is still early in my college career so that could probably change at anytime. I’m not even sure what I would change to. So for right now it is going to stay at a business major. I have chosen to follow on the lines of a business major because of all the different opportunities that can come out of having a major in business. There isn’t just one or two jobs that I use a business major for there are several.

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  1.   Frankieon 15 Oct 2010 at 3:41 pm 1

    I’m pretty much approaching my major decision the same as you. However, I am majoring in Biology. Like you, I’m not completely set on my major, but I’m going to follow the general lines unless I decide it’s not for me. It is still pretty early in our college experience, so we do have time to change our mind!