Oct 08 2010

Rhetorical Analysis

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My first article that I chose to read about has to do with church attendance and happiness among Northern Irish undergraduate students. In this article it talks how they have did some studies and have taken surveys at different colleges of kids who attend church services and how most of them are more happy than those kids who don’t attend a church service. This article also kinda talks about depression in and how that is not seen as much in kids who attend church services than those who don’t have a religious faith.

The second article had to do with happiness, health, and religiosity. This was a test for an association between, gender differences in, happiness, physical health, mental health, and religiosity. They had four separate self-rating skills where they used males and females. Males had a significantly higher self-rating mean score of happiness and mental health than females, while females had a significantly higher religiosity mean score than the males. All the inter-correlations between the four self-ratings were significant and positive.

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