Sep 29 2010

Alex Watter’s

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I thought the Alex Watter’s presentation was very good. Its amazing how fast you life can change and for Alex Watter’s that’s exactly what happened. Its crazy to think what happened to Alex since he was 150 feet out on a dock. I know I would have never thought the water was only going to be 18 inches deep that far out. What really made Alex’s presentation so good though was the way in looked at life now even after everything he had been through. The way that he stilled looked at life and the way he had fun and the his cripple ways of life were all significant things to me. Just because he was in a wheel chair that wasn’t going to slow him down. He was going to do anything and everything that he could possible do. Alex’s made some great points in his presentation and I will continue you think about them and use them while here and Mside and my life after I leave here.

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