Sep 27 2010

Writing Process

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My writing process is really easy I would have to say because I’m not really sure I have one. Whenever I have got a writing assignment I usually just start writing and go from there. If I don’t know the topic very well I will to some research to find more information about it but even then I will just start writing and piece it together as i go. Its probably not the best way to go about a writing assignment but its just the way I have done it in the past. I can write about anywhere just as long as there aren’t to many distractions going on and I can stay focused. For writing habits I really don’t have any because I usually just start out writing and then go from what I know or have researched. Some times I may create a list of topics or things that i think are important so I don’t forget to put them in the writing, but other than that I just go.

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