Sep 22 2010


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I have done many different writings since I have started school. I have wrote essays, short stories, one page papers on things, and speeches. I have done some creative and persuasive¬† writings but not many. I have done so many different writings over the years that a lot of them are probably just writing that I had to do for school and just wrote what I needed to and that was it. Everywhere writing that you do is different in some way either the topic, the way you express, it or just how much effort you feel like putting into the writing. A persuasive writing is going to be different than that from a paper that you have to write to answer¬† a question.¬† Persuasive and creative writings can be used in one but also can be used individually. You could use both because you probably need to come up with a creative way to persuade people to come to your side or what ever you are trying to convince. A creative writing your going to use creative things and probably try to do some of the best writing you can do and use words that you normally wouldn’t use in other writings. My process for writing on my blog is that I look at the question think about it for a little bit if i have to and then just start writing. If it doesn’t sound good I will go back and change things. I usually just start writing and go from there though.

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