Sep 13 2010

My Identity

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My identity is really hard to describe because I have never actually thought about it. To me my identity is just who I am. It is going to change depending on the day I am having, weather it is a good day or bad day. My identity is also going to change with the people who I  am around. If I’m around my friends from home I am more likely to be more myself than I am when I’m here at college. My identity is just who I am and how express myself. My identities just come together on there own because I just do them without even think about it because that is just who i am. During the week my identity will change with my moods and the people I am around.

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  1.   Nick Putnamon 13 Sep 2010 at 3:38 pm 1

    That’s pretty close to exactly how I feel. My identity changes depending on who I’m with and how sucky the day is. If I can ever just get a momment to myslef that is by far the greatest period of the day because I do not have to worry about offending anybody and I get to do as I please, which when I was at home was working on my car, or customer’s cars, or helping on the farm. It is great when your identity lines up with a job you can do the rest of your life.

  2.   Amanda Flatteryon 13 Sep 2010 at 3:42 pm 2

    I liked your post. I too feel the same way. I’ve never really examined my identity and what comes together to make it up, but it’s interesting to consider the possibilities. Everyone is so much their own identity that we forget how ours effects us.