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December 7, 2010, 4:35 pm
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My Christmas present came early. I am now once again a Bronco fan and am so very happy the ex-coach McDaniels has been fired by the Broncos yesterday. The guy was an utter disgrace. I think the most telling statistic of his tenure is of the 52 players he began with only 12 remain who were not signed, drafted, or part of a trade during his reign at the top. He needs to go back down to the college ranks and be an offensive coordinator there. He single handedly ruined the Broncos by trading away Cutler, Scheffler, Hilis, and Marshall. His 6-0 start is a mere blip in the road now that he lost 16 of 22 games. I love the way writers in Denver are covering the story because there is no more cover up. No on liked him in Denver and he ruffled a lot of feathers during his time. Hopefully Bowlen finds a great head coach and they rebuild to contenders quickly. Colorado lives and dies with the Broncos and it is tough watching the city so unhappy all the time.

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