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Thanks A Lot Bin Laden
November 19, 2010, 7:17 pm
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While I was reading this article I was watching CNN and a story came on about how a “bomb” found in a plane while in Germany, is under much controversy because reports are coming out stating that the USA planted the “bomb”. Under the treaties with countries frighting the war on terror the USA has the right to test foreign airports with fake attempts at passing an explosive through security as a way to measure a real life instance of it happening. The tests can be and are unannounced and they don’t have to contact the government of the foreign country in any way. So I read the following story from the on the issue of airline security.

This will always be a newsworthy story. The times of watching your loved ones come off the plane and greeting them at the gate are a distant memory. Now personally I have no problem going through the extensive measures that security takes to make sure that no threats are being allowed on planes. I would walk naked and have them look at all my possessions if they really felt the need to check me as a security threat. I understand the flip side that people want their privacy, but to me it’s like who cares. I would rather know everyone on my flight has been checked and I can take a nap without having to worry about waking up to karate chop somebody in the throat and safely land the plane in a field. Plus these people that check people are checking thousands of people a day, like they are really going to remember you because you had some love handles or had some sex toys in your bag. I mean really people, get patted down and move on with your day. If you don’t have anything to hide then just go through with it or drive to your destination.

I pretty much agree, and I’m not sure why this is producing so much hand wringing and outrage. But then I see stories about Israel’s airport and they don’t have any of this. An extremely safe airport that puts the emphasis on personal interaction rather than technology and groping.

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