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I don’t even enjoy plays….
November 5, 2010, 5:51 pm
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But I will most certainly follow her career. The Sioux City Journal strategically placed a picture of Alison Ewing on the front page of the entertainment section and I was drawn in. I really didn’t want to write about politics today and I write and think too much about sport as it is so I had to search for an article. Although this article isn’t very newsy, it gives an incite into how hard people from the midwest have to work to become actors. She didn’t have the connections to higher ups like other actors do on both coasts but she kept pursuing and finally received a phone call to be cast in the musical Mamma. Acting is a profession that needs work day in and day out to make it big time. She talks about being worried about having that certain something that all the other big time actors have and she will find it through her tenacity. But what do I know, I only looked at the picture.

Local gal makes good. The perfect feature.

   fuglsang 11.09.10 @ 1:34 am